The Companies Act requires companies to submit various documents within strict time limits. Not only is this a considerable administrative burden, failure to comply can result in potentially severe penalties for directors.


 We can relieve you of both the burden and the worry by helping with your Company Secretarial duties. Our services include:

     Preparing and filing accounts and annual returns
     Maintaining statutory registers:

  •  Register of Allotments
  •   Register of Transfers
  •   Register of Members
  •   Register of Directors
  •   Register of Secretaries
  •  Register of Directors’ Interests
  •   Register of Mortgages and Charges

Preparing and filing Companies House forms recording:

  • Changes of officers
  • Changes of registered office
  • Increases in share capital
  • Allotments of shares
  • Changes of accounting reference date

 Preparing documentation for annual general meetings

 If required, acting as company secretary of your company

 If required, providing your company with a registered office address